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3 Reasons Why Commercial Pick-Up Owners Are Switching To Vans

Commercial van sales are on fire. In fact, sales of full-size vans are growing eight times faster than the industry average in 2016 and some models have seen a 57% increase in sales in just the past year according to Automotive News.
What’s driving the growth of the commercial van segment? Other than a general improvement in the economy, there are several factors.
  1. Commercial vans have lost their utilitarian, “box on a skateboard” styling. The new generation of vans is sleek and well designed.
  2. The sleek design and lighter weight of today’s vans translates to much better gas mileage. That means huge savings for most businesses.
  3. The ability to keep equipment safe, secure and organized. More business owners, regardless of business size, are opting for the new generation of upfit options. Racks are now available in configurations designed to make work more efficient for plumbers, electricians, GCs, florists, caterers — you name it. The ability to keep tools and equipment organized and accessible is a huge plus on the job site and keeping them protected from the elements and potential theft is an added bonus.
Messer Truck Equipment has installed hundreds of rack systems for tradespeople throughout northern New England, and the trend keeps going up. 
“Today’s rack systems are amazing,” says Messer Truck Equipment President Jeff Messer. “The demand for increased payload capacity, better gas mileage and corrosion resistance has driven a move toward using lighter, stronger rack materials. And the choices are greater than ever. If you’ve made the switch from a pick-up to a van or are purchasing a new van to replace your old one, please give us a call or stop by. We’d love to show you the options.”