Aluminum Flatbeds Are Leading the Way

The new generation of aluminum flatbeds

There was a time when steel flatbed trucks were pretty much the only option for commercial truck owners. They were tough as nails and lasted quite a while. But steel flatbeds have a a few inherent problems. One is that they weigh a lot. That means you spend a lot of money on fuel. The other is they take a lot of work to maintain. That powder coat finish that looks great on day one can scrape off pretty quickly doing day to day work and rust won’t be far behind.

To be sure, there are still applications where steel flatbeds make the most sense (we are pleased to recommend and provide steel for those uses and will continue to do so). But the new aluminum models are increasingly a smart, economical choice for replacement beds and light industrial applications.

New Aluminum Models are Worth a Close Look

Aluminum flatbeds aren’t really new, but in the past few years manufacturing techniques have improved to the point where today’s aluminum flatbeds are incredibly strong. While they will probably never equal steel for brute strength, they are becoming a popular choice for all but the most demanding work. They are also the most popular choice for replacing old rusted out beds.

The greatest advantages to aluminum flatbeds are twofold: they never rust and they save you a LOT of money on fuel. That’s a big consideration for companies that put lots of miles on their vehicles.

In addition to carrying aluminum flatbeds for larger jobs (such as Knapheide’s gooseneck flatbed) Messer also carries flatbeds for smaller trucks, too. The new Snopro Sportdeck models from Alcom, made right here in Winslow, Maine, have quickly become customer favorites.

The team at Messer is ready to help you replace that rusted out flatbed with a tough, new, maintenance free aluminum model. Give us a call or stop by and we’ll walk you through the options.

To see the new generation of tough, aluminum flatbeds, check out this new Knapheide video: