Be Your Own Plow Guy

Despite our record-setting autumn warmth, winter has now arrived in Maine. Snow has begun to blanket our landscape and some of that snow will need to be cleared whether it’s done with a shovel, snow blower, or snowplow.

While just about every Mainer owns a snow shovel, hoisting scoop after scoop of heavy, wet snow is not everyone’s idea of time well spent. Snow-blowing will save your back, but why does it seem like the prevailing wind is always in your face, no matter which direction you turn? Then there’s the risk of amputation when you try to clear that chunk of ice from the blades. And don’t even get me started on shear bolts…

That leaves snowplowing as the smart choice for snow removal. But some of us don’t like being dependent on our “plow guy.” His idea of what “first thing in the morning” means you might not get you to your 8 am appointment on time. Or maybe your plow guy is the type who likes to scalp your lawn after the first storm of the season and roll your sod into a pile that you won’t discover until spring. There has to be a better way!

Why not be your own plow guy?

Do you have a pickup, SUV, or even a side-by-side UTV? There’s no need to scour Craigslist for a beater plow truck past its prime—now you can outfit your existing 4-wheel drive vehicle with a Fisher snowplow without any fear of damaging your vehicle. There is a Fisher plow specially designed to work effectively on your half-ton truck, SUV, or UTV.

To be certain which Fisher plow works best with your vehicle, Fisher has created an online resource called eMatch. After you enter your vehicle’s specifications, eMatch will recommend the best possible plow application.

Once you’ve selected your plow, the folks at Messer Truck Equipment will take it from there. We’ll tie up your vehicle for about a day to install the plow mounts and wiring, but once we’re finished, you will become your own plow guy.

You’ll no longer be at the mercy of others to keep your driveway clear: you will finally be master over Old Man Winter—with help from your Fisher plow!