The Brand New, 117 Year Old Company

Spring is still making up its mind, but the winds of change are blowing here at Messer Truck Equipment. Our organization has gone through many changes in its 117 year history, but the core of what we do has remained the same; to provide excellent work with great value for our customers.

That focus on the customer is at the very heart of the changes that are currently taking place. By taking the time to listen to our customers, we’ve learned what it is that they value, and that has become the key driver behind every process company-wide. This has led us to recognize three major Customer Focal Points:

Customer Focal Point #1: High Standards of Quality

We build work trucks. Work trucks, by their very definition, are multi-tools. Like that Swiss Army Knife®, or Leatherman®, they get used for a wide variety of purposes, and the owner relies on them daily to get the job done, and make a living. If they can’t be trusted to perform as needed, it costs our customers time, and money.

Quality work is what Messer built its reputation on, and our renewed focus on getting it done right just continues that legacy. Quality Control is being built into the DNA of every business process, from the sales office to the parts room. What this means for the customer are fewer questions about whether that truck will work, and more time putting that truck to work.

Customer Focal Point #2: Reduced Lead Times and On-Time Delivery

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, or have an important project delayed because a critical piece of the puzzle wasn’t delivered as expected. We understand how even a few hours can impact our customers and we  approach this from a Total System point of view.

From quoting to scheduling, parts and equipment procurement to vehicle delivery, our processes are being geared towards making sure that our customers know exactly when they can drop off their jobs, and when they will be completed. Fewer worries about scheduling, and a minimum of time with your vehicle out of commission means more time for you to use that truck for its intended purpose--making you money.

Customer Focal Point #3: Unparalleled Value

Our customers are looking to get the best bang for their buck, and that means having the best prices for the highest quality of work. By focusing on the aspects of our business that take longer and cost more than they should, we are able to pass these savings on to the customer. By making sure that our operations are as lean as possible, we create value for the customer with every step.

There you have it, in a nutshell; a brand new approach to a 117 year old business. Many things about Messer Truck Equipment will be changing, but the focus on the customer remains the same.

We build Trucks that Work.



1924 Wooden Van Body Produced By Messer Truck Equipment