This video by Henderson Products will give you a great overview on how brining systems work.

It’s That De-Icing And Brining Time Of Year Again!

New England Depends on Messer for Winter De-Icing

If there’s anything we can count on in New England, it’s unpredictable winter weather. Thanks to Messer Truck Equipment, you can take advantage of the very latest in de-icing technology. One of the most exciting recent advances in snow and ice control is the use of both solid and liquid de-icers, which results in more efficiency, more control, and much lower costs. 

Pre-Wetting Solid De-Icers: Melt Ice Faster While Saving Money

There are a couple of big benefits to wetting salt or sand right before it hits the spinner:

  1. Pre-wetting salt starts a chemical reaction that makes road ice melt faster.
  2. Pre-wetted salt and sand granules end up exactly where you want them to be, because they bounce less. Studies show that pre-wetting salt can cut application rates by up to 30%, which saves a ton of money over the course of a long winter. It also helps mitigate problems that can come with using too much salt, like concrete scaling and landscape burn.

Buy your pre-wetting systems at Messer Truck Equipment! We carry systems from Fisher (designed for property owners, facility managers and property management companies) and Henderson (for municipal fleets).

Anti-Icing Versus De-Icing

Anti-Icing means applying a Direct Liquid Application (DLA) of brine. DLA defends surfaces against snow and ice, making it harder for them to bond to pavement. You can get out ahead of a storm by spraying a light application of brine up to 48 hours before it begins. If conditions are right, DLA can also be applied after plowing where black ice or frost are present.

De-Icing means applying salt, pre-wetted salt, salt brine, or an enhanced brine blend (calcium chloride or mag chloride for optimal effectiveness at pavement temperatures below 15°F) to surfaces to melt existing snow and ice.

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