How Do You Know Whether Fixing Or Replacing Your Plow Is The Right Call?

As a business owner, it's a constant dilemma: do you sink more money into existing equipment or upgrade to a newer model?

For sure, there are clear signs that your plow can't (or shouldn't) make it through another season, such as too much base angle wear, rusted out mounts and sheer wear and tear.

But there's a significant "slippery slope" phase that many owners get lured into. It's that place where you're consistently making small repairs to keep your plow in operation. Those repairs may seem low when viewed as "one off" events, but they may not be when considered as a whole. 

In any business, it's the ability to objectively gauge the cost of those repairs and the downtime they cause that tips the balance toward purchasing a new plow. 

We see it all the time here at Messer Truck Equipment. That's why we offer a free plow assessment before each plow season. This year, our free Plow Inspection Clinic will be Saturday, October 15 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at our company's headquarters on Warren Avenue in Westbrook.

Stop by and we'll provide an objective view of your plow's condition and what we think it will take to keep your plow in solid operating condition all season long. 

If we think it may be time to upgrade, we'll help you weigh options. We won't hard sell you. It's your decision. And we'll respect it.

If you do feel it's time to upgrade, we can take your old plow in trade to help make stepping up to a new rig even easier. And we'll back your new plow with a two year parts and labor warranty. As always, our number one priority is helping you keep your plow up and running, so your cash flow and your customer satisfaction will be strong all winter long.