Check out this great video about the Henderson BrineXtreme.

A Municipal Idea That’s Really Worth It’s Salt

The Value is the Versatility

Municipalities need to get two things out of their equipment — durability and efficiency. When it comes to efficiency, sometimes a solution comes along that makes you wonder “why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Henderson Products has done just that. Their new BrineXtreme Mobile Unit enables crews to make professional grade salt brine at satellite locations — eliminating the need to travel back and forth from the field to your maintenance facility for refills. Your crew will be able to cover more territory in less time while cutting your fuel costs.

If you have access to rock salt, electricity and a fresh water supply at satellite locations, you’ll be able to make professional grade salt brine on the spot. Municipalities can also share a mobile brine unit with neighboring towns, cities and counties at great savings to their annual budgets. The BrineXtreme Mobile Unit also eliminates the need to house a full-scale brine operation at a central location.

We think this new mobile unit could be a real game changer for municipalities looking to gain efficiency and reduce costs!


Henderson BrineXtreme