Reliable Partners Are Key To Our Success

Dependability. It’s something a lot of companies promise, but really gets tested when the rubber hits the road.
At Messer, our customers rely on us to make repairs efficiently and as promised, so they can keep their trucks moving. Because of this, we need business partners that deliver quality materials on time, every time.
That’s why we are such big fans of K.L. Jack. This family owned Maine company goes above and beyond to get us quality fasteners and tools when we need them — even on short notice. But even more important than efficiency is the fact that K.L. Jack is a company of great people. Just one example (of many) is Kevin, our K.L. Jack representative. He monitors and manages our inventory levels weekly, so it’s one less thing our team has to worry about.
It makes a big difference when you have a partner that has your back — one you want to have continued success. In the 35 years we’ve partnered with K.L. Jack that’s consistently been the case.
It is also great that our working relationship is a true partnership. When K.L. Jack needed a new liftgate for their delivery truck, they only needed to make one call. Messer Truck Equipment spec’d the best liftgate for the job, installed it and kept the K.L. Jack crew moving.
Thank you to Gus Jack and your whole team. The way you do business helps the Messer team be a dependable company for our customers, too.