Schedule Your Installations with Confidence

Our New Scheduling Tool is More Responsive and More Accurate

The number one question we are asked by dealers is, "How quickly can you get a rack system, plow or other accessory installed?"

We get it. In addition to keeping their customers happy, salespeople want to make sure they close the deal. Getting a plow, van shelving system or other accessory installed professionally and quickly is paramount.

Fortunately, dealers can count on Messer Truck Equipment to deliver on both fronts better than ever before — and not just for of the shelf solutions, but for custom installations, too!

We invested in a new scheduling system that accurately assesses installation ahead of time. By creating this single point of contact, you (or anyone in your sales or service departments) can know when the installation will start, how long it will take and when the job will be complete. Our new system simplifies what used to be complicated, lets you schedule installations quickly and with confidence and has made it possible for our staff to average 95% on time delivery. That means better service for our dealers and the customers they serve.

And when it comes to sales, that's what it's all about.

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