Sticking To Traditions

Jeff Messer

Messer keeps a Fryeburg Fair tradition alive and offers a plow incentive

For as long as I can remember – and I’m 40 – I’ve been going to the Fryeburg Fair. So Messer has been there at least 40 years, and probably a lot longer!
When I was a kid, we always looked forward to it as a family. It was just always fun. What I especially remember, at about age 6 or so, was being amazed by the guy who could carve figures out of logs in the booth next to ours. I’d just watch him all day (creating bears or a bald eagles or even a little trolls) in what seemed like a matter of minutes, while my dad chatted with customers and fairgoers who stopped by to see Messer’s equipment.
I’m keeping the fair tradition going with my own family. It’s still really fun to see the livestock, and to walk up and down Commercial Row to see what’s new. My girls (ages 8 and 5) have a day off from school during fair week; so my wife will bring them, and I’ll meet them for lunch, at least. I’ll also be meeting some friends who make it an annual thing. That’ll be a long day – probably 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.!
We’ll split up the time with our employees, manning our space over the eight days. It’s a great place to meet customers. We always have a good experience selling equipment, either during the fair or in the weeks after. It’s simply a great event for our family and our company.
We return year after year because of the nature of Fryeburg Fair. It has a long history of being agricultural, and catering to construction, landscaping and forestry businesses, as well as homeowners. And we typically partner with local car and truck dealers there. This year, we’ll be working with Bill Dodge Auto Group in Westbrook, Emerson Chevrolet in Auburn, and Profile Motors in North Conway, N.H. They supply the trucks, and we’ll install our plows and other equipment, so it’s a great way for all of us to showcase our products.

Custom John Deere Gator utility vehicleThis year, we’ve got a big draw – the John Deere Gator utility vehicle that (Portland Sea Dogs baseball team mascot) Slugger zips around on at Hadlock Field. (See photo to the left!) We have attached a Fisher Trailblazer plow to Slugger’s vehicle. Utility vehicles like the John Deere Gator have become really popular in the last few years. They are incredibly nimble and versatile, and a lot of small business and small farm owners find them perfect for removing snow from sidewalks and small parking areas.

Messer is one of Fisher’s oldest dealers in New England, so we’ll have other Fisher plows, as well as a dump body and sander, on display with a diverse mix of different trucks.

We’re also offering a great incentive this year for customers who make a plow purchase at the fair. We’ll include a free “plow parka” – a funny name for a weatherproof cover that goes over a plow’s headlights and hydraulics – when a customer buys a plow during the fair. It’s a $200 value, and it protects plows from the elements, so it adds to the life of the plow. If you plan to store your plow inside, then you will receive a free roof-mounted strobe light to alert people that you’re plowing.

I hope that you stop by and see us after you’ve checked out the pig scramble and eaten some fried dough!