Why Van Packages Make Sense

Van packages designed specifically for the way you work are smart, efficient and affordable

If you own a van or are considering buying one to support your business, your storage and organization options are nearly limitless. The surge in van sales has meant that manufacturers are offering literally thousands of modular shelving and rack solutions. That’s good if you know exactly what you need. But the sheer number of choices can also be daunting. 

The good news is that the leading shelving manufacturers Sortimo (a Knapheide Company) and Adrian Steel also offer pre-configured van packages designed with input from general contractors, HVAC and plumbing professionals and electrical trades professionals. These packages cost much less than custom configurations and may be the perfect solution for your business.

More affordable than custom packages

In addition to being more affordable, many of our customers love these pre-configured kits because the lead time for ordering them and installation time is also much less. 

Not “one size fits all”

If you’re concerned that a pre-configured package may not be flexible, that’s no longer the case. Manufacturers have designed today’s van packages to be configurable after installation. For example, you can move shelving up or down or add storage bins and other accessories once you’ve used the base model van package for a while. Many van owners prefer this option to ordering a custom feature and finding out they don’t use it as much as they thought they would.

Fiberglass or steel?

Messer Truck Equipment offers van packages constructed of steel (Adrian Steel) or fiberglass (Sortimo). The difference largely comes down to personal preference. Steel is the most durable of the two materials, yet fiberglass has a strong strength-to-weight ratio and can save you significant money on fuel. It it also less prone to rattling and can reduce road noise.

Messer Truck Equipment has installed hundreds of van packages and custom configurations for businesses throughout northern New England. We can help you choose the right van package or custom features you need to keep your company working efficiently and within your budget. Contact us today!

This Adrian Steel van package keeps everything handy and protected from the elements.