There was a time when steel flatbed trucks were pretty much the only option for commercial truck owners. They were tough as nails and lasted quite a while. But steel flatbeds have a a few inherent problems.

The Value is the Versatility

Municipalities need to get two things out of their equipment — durability and efficiency. When it comes to efficiency, sometimes a solution comes along that makes you wonder “why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Henderson BrineXtreme

If you have a dedicated work truck sitting idle part of the year or take on projects that require a dump body, flatbed and other styles of truck, buying an interchangeable truck body system could be the best decision you ever make!

Messer dump bodies come packed with lots of standard features to make it a no brainer! Featuring options like loadcovers, toolboxes, and maintenance plans that keep your equipment running strong. Need a truck body installed? Let's get started today!

Messer Dump Bodies

Messer has carried hard-working cranes from IMT and Venturo for years. Both manufacturers have proven themselves to be workhorses in the field and worldwide.

Whether it’s your first time attending the Work Truck Show, or the 20th, I’m sure you will find value spending time with other like-minded industry professionals.

When I set out to change the way we did business at Messer Truck Equipment, I knew it would be hard. (Anything worth doing usually is.) But I underestimated how difficult it would be to shift the direction of a 117-year-old company that had never experienced anything like it.

change in a business

At Messer, we love creating storage solutions that make work vans work better. Here are a few ways we can meet your storage needs.

custom van storage systems

The holidays are a time for giving and remembering what’s important in life. I recently had a chance to take part in an amazing program that’s enabled me to give back to our community in ways I never could have before.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to surround yourself with family and friends and take stock of what’s significant in your life, and it’s also the perfect time to focus on the folks who have helped make your business successful.

Like father, like son. Jeff Messer has a lot in common with his dad, John, who passed away eight years ago. For starters, there’s running Messer Truck Equipment, the family business that Jeff now leads. More personally, just like his dad, Jeff tends to be a sentimental guy – so letting go of certain things can be more than a little challenging. An almost-15-year-old Fisher snow plow is a perfect example.

I’m excited about another great Maine winter. Are you ready for snow? And, more importantly, is your snow and ice equipment ready for winter?