When I set out to change the way we did business at Messer Truck Equipment, I knew it would be hard. (Anything worth doing usually is.) But I underestimated how difficult it would be to shift the direction of a 117-year-old company that had never experienced anything like it.

change in a business

At Messer, we love creating storage solutions that make work vans work better. Here are a few ways we can meet your storage needs.

custom van storage systems

The holidays are a time for giving and remembering what’s important in life. I recently had a chance to take part in an amazing program that’s enabled me to give back to our community in ways I never could have before.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to surround yourself with family and friends and take stock of what’s significant in your life, and it’s also the perfect time to focus on the folks who have helped make your business successful.

Like father, like son. Jeff Messer has a lot in common with his dad, John, who passed away eight years ago. For starters, there’s running Messer Truck Equipment, the family business that Jeff now leads. More personally, just like his dad, Jeff tends to be a sentimental guy – so letting go of certain things can be more than a little challenging. An almost-15-year-old Fisher snow plow is a perfect example.

I’m excited about another great Maine winter. Are you ready for snow? And, more importantly, is your snow and ice equipment ready for winter?

When Jeff Messer returned to his home state in 2003, he aimed to live the great Maine life with gusto, to experience everything the state has to offer. Toward that end, six years ago he started signing up for the annual Moose Permit Lottery – because you won’t find a more Maine-ish activity than that.

Jeff Messer Maine Moose Hunt

As soon as November hits, just a couple of weeks away, the snow will hit as well, according to the pretty reliable Old Farmer’s Almanac and other sources. In Maine, and especially here at Messer Truck Equipment, we know a lot about one of the most important things that snow means: snow removal.

Fisher Plow on a pickup truck

Naturally, we love selling you equipment – it’s our business, after all. But more important to us is keeping you happy long term.

For as long as I can remember – and I’m 40 – I’ve been going to the Fryeburg Fair. So Messer has been there at least 40 years, and probably a lot longer!

As a business owner, it's a constant dilemma: do you sink more money into existing equipment or upgrade to a newer model?

The number one question we are asked by dealers is, "How quickly can you get a rack system, plow or other accessory installed?"