Dependability. It’s something a lot of companies promise, but really gets tested when the rubber hits the road.

We Mainers have a well earned reputation for getting the most life out of our work equipment. But there comes a time in any vehicle’s or accessory’s life when we start throwing good money after bad.

replacing dump body

Adding a liftgate to a delivery vehicle makes sense for many reasons including the safety and efficiency of your delivery teams. A liftgate does all the heavy lifting, so your crew isn’t struggling to get their cargo on and off the truck.

vehicle liftgate

What’s driving the growth of the commercial van segment? Other than a general improvement in the economy, there are several factors.

Utility Vehicles were once almost exclusively favored by weekend riders and landowners. But over the past few years we’ve seen them become very popular with small business owners.


Crane inspections are mandatory and Maine will soon be adding additional conditions. Are your equipment and operators ready?

Read this post before you operate your dump bed!

Messer Petroleum Equipment has moved to a new location on 184 Main St. in South Portland to better serve our customers.

Spring is still making up its mind, but the winds of change are blowing here at Messer Truck Equipment. Our organization has gone through many changes in its 117 year history, but the core of what we do has remained the same; to provide excellent work with great value for our customers.

1924 Wooden Van Body Produced By Messer Truck Equipment

Plowing a parking lot the right way saves time, makes the customer happy, and reduces wear and tear on gear. Here are a few tips.

Proper prep for plowing pays off. Here are a few reminders.