Let Messer, with the power of Fisher equipment, turn your truck into a snow-clearing machine!

Don't Let Snow Stand In Your Way

Fisher Plow & Sander Installs, Repairs and Maintenance done by Factory Trained Techs

Messer Truck Equipment will equip your truck with a powerful Fisher snow plow. Whether you're a do-it-yourself homeowner or plowing professional you can rely on them to perform for years to come.

With Fisher Spreader in your truck or gator, you will gain control over ice in the worst conditions!

Remember, if your plow is ever damaged, you can bring it to Messer for repairs or annual maintenance.

Call our experts today to find out more - 207-854-9751.

Custom Wing Plow for clearing every last flake

Make Snow Think Twice

This Winter in the Snowpocalypse make the Snow fear You! Turn your truck into a snow annihilator with Messer Truck Equipment.

We install Fisher plows as well as wing plows and sanders of all sizes!