Get More Out Of Your Van And Your Paycheck

At Messer, we love creating storage solutions that make work vans work better. Here are a few ways we can meet your storage needs.


Vans that work smarter

In the past few years we’ve seen a seismic shift in choice for job-site vehicles. Many businesses are switching from using pickups or larger trucks with service bodies to driving vans.

One reason is the lower cost of operating a van over a truck. But there are more reasons, too. The number one reason (by far) that people choose vans over trucks is customized organization. Unlike a truck that is designed primarily to haul stuff, today’s modular systems let us create a true mobile workshop that keeps everything organized and increases on-site efficiency.


Great access & convenience

While keeping tools organized and protected are reasons enough to get a van upfit, many tradespeople find the ability to stand up and work inside their van a huge plus. Getting out of the wind or rain to make a phone call, look over plans or even take a lunch break is a big improvement over sitting in a truck cab! Some of our customers even have us add a workbench or desk inside their van.


Messer proudly sells:

Adrian logoFor more than 50 years, Adrian Steel has designed and built the sturdiest, most reliable metal storage units in the business. Features like anti-slam door latches, drawers that stay closed in transit and nearly limitless design options have earned a solid following.


Sortimo logoSortimo van shelving units combine metal and fiberglass construction to deliver a 20-30% lighter solution than all-metal racks. What’s more, the system allows easy upgrades—you can add storage bins and accessories any time to keep up with your changing needs.


Let’s get started

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