Our New Preventative Maintenance Program: A Smart Plan That Pays

Naturally, we love selling you equipment – it’s our business, after all.


But more important to us is keeping you happy long term – we want you to be so satisfied with our products that you’ll come back to us for all your truck equipment needs.


To prove this point, we’re offering something new that’s aimed at extending the life of our products – and keeping our valued customers happy. It’s a Preventative Maintenance Program, and here’s the simple way it works:


We have four programs – for plows, dump bodies, liftgates and sanders. Each program covers an annual once-over to confirm that everything is working properly. We check all functions and look for hidden damage to all common parts. We’ll grease all parts and electrical connections, replace all fluids, clean and/or change filters, change the oil, check fittings and more.  

The prices, including labor and tax, for these annual maintenance checkups are:


  • Plow service: $120

  • Dump body service: $249.99

  • Liftgate service: $199.99

  • Sander service: $214


Investing in our Preventative Maintenance Program is an excellent way to ensure you’ll get more life out of your equipment. And for a limited time, you’ll save 25 percent off the first year of maintenance when you purchase the Maintenance Program with a new equipment purchase.


At Messer, we’re firm believers in Ben Franklin’s advice that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so we’ve developed this new Preventative Maintenance Program as a smart way to maximize the life of your equipment. We hope that you take advantage of the program to get the most out of your valuable gear.


To learn more, contact us by phone (207.854.9751), email (sales@messerte.com), or via our website.