The Right Way To Transport Fuel

Messer Petroleum Equipment specializes in petroleum tank installation and service. We’ve installed hundreds of tanks to support fleets located throughout northern New England. What we’ve learned is that when it comes to installing a new tank, there’s really only one choice: Almac.

About Almac

Almac Tank International has become one of the largest tank manufacturing companies providing petroleum tank equipment for the transport of gasoline, heating oil, diesel, lubricants and water, primarily serving the North American marketplace. 

Almac Tank International provides:

  • Tanks and Trailers for the transport and distribution of petroleum products.
  • Aviation refueling equipment for North America and international airports.
  • Tanks that have a capacity of anywhere between 400 to 15,000 gallons.

Every tank is manufactured with an aluminum tank, stainless steel pipes and mild steel componentry to meet or exceed all D.O.T. 406 code requirements. 

Proof that speed and quality aren’t opposites 

Almac has proven that building something quickly doesn’t need to come at the expense of quality. HOW they did it is instructive. They needed to invest significantly in both their process and their people. Over the past several years, Almac has embraced lean manufacturing techniques that have simplified their manufacturing and delivery process. It’s a project that required everyone to be on board and believing in where they were headed. It wasn’t a mission to cheapen products by cutting corners (as we have seen in so many industries today). It was about fully exploring ways to make a better product more efficiently. 

What has been the result of these efforts? Using state of the art 3-D (CAD) modeling, Almac is now able to design and deliver quality tanks with the shortest lead time and installation time in the industry! How short? Typically, you can order a tank and it will be ready for you in just 10-12 weeks! 

Are you ready to drive and deliver with the best?

Contact us to schedule an appointment with us at our South Portland, Maine facility. We’d be happy to show you the difference working with an Almac tank can make for your business.