How to get the Most out of your Work Van?

Vans with a Purpose

by Matthew Randall

If you happen to be a child of the 1980’s and 1990’s, odds are your mind can recall a few famous vans that were prominent in the popular culture at the time.  The first to come to mind is most likely the beloved light-blue, flower covered Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo franchise – a rolling detective agency fueled by crafty teenagers, their dog, and a lot of sandwiches.    Folks who live in the northern third of the country are likely acquainted with the Possum Van - a light grey Dodge Ram behemoth, which ferried the middle-aged members of Possum Lodge in the Red Green Show from misadventure to misadventure. 

The most iconic of the bunch has to be the black 1983 GMC Vandura van with the red stripe that is still the symbol most associated with the TV show the A-Team.  This van had it all: a cool look, Mr. T as its driver, was always in a chase of some sort, and served as a rolling workshop/tank.   When this van would pull into town, fans of the show knew that awesome stuff was going to get built in order to defeat the resident “bad guys” for that week’s episode. 


Order in the House

Modern vans might not have an elite group of mercenaries wreaking havoc on injustices in the world, but they are working hard, positively impacting their local and regional communities, and…make really cool stuff!  Some vans carry parts and supplies to off-site jobs, others transport cargo such as baked goods and clothing, and entire fleets safely transport people from one place to another.   With all this momentum being produced by vans in our daily lives, tools that can help make all this activity safe and efficient inevitably creates value for owners and operators.

When opening the rear doors on a working van, one is typically greeted to disorganized inventory, precariously stacked product, and unsecured tools from the driver’s seat back.   This highly chaotic storage method creates inefficiency and profit loss for the companies and individuals relying on these vehicles to ply their trade and sell their wares.  However, the working van can be much more than simply a box on wheels that gets filled from floor to ceiling with “things.”  All it takes is a little thought and guidance from those who know how to maximize a van’s resources to unlock it’s true potential.   

Solutions for the Cyclone

At Messer Truck Equipment vans can get relatively inexpensive upgrades that provide measurable benefits in safety, efficiency, inventory control, and productivity.  There are many products designed to let owners and operators take full advantage of the investment they have already made in cost and time to run a portion of, or their entire business, with vans.   The vehicle was purchased to make things easier, and Messer Truck Equipment can help turn that vision into a reality. 

The most common upgrades that provide the greatest “bang for the buck” include:

-          Partitions: Barriers that protect the driver and passenger from potentially getting injured by falling items due to them being unsecured, having to brake quickly, or parking on an incline.  They also help to reduce road noise for the driver caused by the rattling items in the cargo bay.

-          Ladder Racks: Structures secured to the roof designed to help carry ladders and other long items (lumber, pipe, etc.) securely, while saving space inside the van for other goods.  Additionally, some ladder racks are designed to allow one person to safely load and unload ladders without the need of a second person or small step.

-          Shelving: Offered in differing shapes and sizes, shelves provide space to organize and protect product, tools, and supplies.  Models range from removable bins, to lockable drawers and doors.  Hooks, tank racks, fire extinguisher holders, and more can be added which will maximize every square inch of the cargo space in the van.  

Messer can help clean up the mess

 Any piece of equipment purchased for a business is an investment, with the intent being to generate higher profit margins through greater efficiency.  Taking full advantage of that investment should be the goal of any owner and operator, and the team at Messer Truck Equipment has just what a van needs to become a rolling money-maker.  Your van might not be black with a red stripe, cruising along the mean streets of Downtown USA with a rocking theme song - but it is doing awesome stuff, carrying your own “A Team” off to make a difference in your local community on a daily basis.

Do yourself a favor and put the right things into that investment so that it can work hard for you.   You can learn more about the products offered by Adrian Steel, Legend, and Sortimo, all designed to help you expand your van’s functionality, by calling Messer Truck Equipment. 

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