What's New at Messer Truck Equipment?

Utility Vehicles were once almost exclusively favored by weekend riders and landowners. But over the past few years we’ve seen them become very popular with small business owners.


Why the move to UTVs?

  1. Cost of ownership. UTVs are way less expensive to own and operate than full-size vehicles such as pick-up trucks.
  2. Maneuverability. UTVs are easier to maneuver into areas such as walkways and raised landscaping beds and are apt to do less damage to lawns than full-size vehicles.
  3. Versatility. You can outfit UTVs with a snowplow, salt spreader, fertilizer sprayer or a utility cart to tend to your property year-round. What’s more, the attachments are easier to attach and detach than full-size equipment.
  4. They’re just plain fun to drive. When the work week is done, your UTV turns into a great hunting, fishing or backcountry fun ride machine.

Whether you plow snow for a living, or just want to get more out of your utility vehicle, our favorite accessory is the new TRAILBLAZER™ UTV V-plow by Fisher Engineering. It’s a professional-grade snow plow that will turn your UTV into a winter workhorse.


Our friends at Chad Little Outdoor Power Equipment partnered with us to create Slugger the Sea Dog’s special edition plow. We can create one for you, too!