Make Sure Your Truck Is Equipped for Any Job

Your business is growing. Messer can help. We can upgrade your vehicle to meet your needs.

If you are towing, plowing, hauling, or using your truck as a mobile office or workshop, you need to be efficient. If you need custom solutions for your Work Truck, bring it to Messer Truck Equipment. We install a wide selection of truck equipment and will make sure your truck is ready to work for you and your business. You can rely on us for...

  • Custom truck fabrication services and body installation with additions like toolboxes, hitches, ladder racks and lighting.
  • We offer truck and equipment painting services with options for bed liners and undercoating.
  • Snow plow installation services when you need to equip your truck for winter. You can also bring your truck to our shop for an annual snow plow inspection.
  • Van interior installation services if you want to create storage space to your van. We can install the products you need to create a custom storage solution.

No matter what job you need your truck to perform, we'll make sure you're prepared. Visit our shop in Westbrook, Maine to get the tools you need.

Turn to a company you can depend on

When you need to repair or upgrade your truck, make sure you hire skilled mechanics for the work. Messer Truck Equipment is a family-owned business that's been installing truck equipment for over 100 years. Our large, 20-bay facility can accommodate the largest vehicles, from heavy-duty trucks to tractor-trailers. We source our heavy equipment and parts from over 35 major truck suppliers, so you can rest assured that you'll receive the quality parts you need to keep your truck working every year.

Contact us today at 207-854-9751 for more information.