What do I do?

STEP #1 - Get a Quote - Call Messer at 207-854-9751 or Email Us
STEP #2 - Apply for Financing
STEP #3 - Place your Order

What is Messer Financing?

Messer Truck Equipment has partnered with Evergreen Credit Union to enhance our ability to serve the needs of our customers. Through either leasing option you can quickly and securely get financing to help you build the work truck you need.

What are the benefits?

Solving your financing goals through us provides with many benefits:

  • Working with companies who have decades of experience in the heavy equipment industry.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Flexible lease programs, with cyclical options for seasonal businesses, and annual ones for municipalities.
  • Fast and liberal credit decisions, based more on merit rather than metrics.
  • Short forms for submitting applications, so you can get your lease or financing quick and hassle-free.
  • Same day funding/No waiting.
  • You are leasing to own the equipment. At the end of the lease, you can perform a $1.00 buy out to gain ownership.
  • No penalty for paying off your lease early.

What does it offer to our customers?

Our partnership with both Evergreen Credit Union allow us to support our hard working customers, as they help the communities of Maine and New England. Thanks to this opportunity, cash flow shortages and limited resources will no longer be a barrier that prevents individuals and small businesses from getting the equipment they depend on when their jobs demand it.

Additional reasons to consider leasing or financing equipment include:

  • Freeing up capital, to use for other expenses.
  • Protecting your line of credit, because a lease does not show as a liability or impact your credit.
  • Gaining tax advantages. A lease is 100% deductible when reported as a business expense.
  • Lowering your monthly payments, with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.