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I’ve always mulled over my vehicle purchases intently.   When selecting a new set of wheels, the expectation is that it will fulfill the majority of my needs reliably, cheaply, and for over 200,000 miles before succumbing to wear, tear, and rust.  The requirement list is not unreasonable, but all

People generally recall their high school chemistry class with minimal fondness.   In retrospect, there was a lot of really great stuff going on during the lecture and the lab: burning gasses, exploding metals, shattering objects, super cooling vegetables, and such.   Chemistry effects every day

Summer is here, and now is the time to upgrade that plow to be ready for winter.

Messer Truck Equipment is offering FREE INSTALLATION for end users only, when purchasing a NEW PLOW from Messer Truck Equipment by July 31st, 2018.   

Contact us for details. 

The development of the service body was a natural evolution as creative and industrious people found ways to make their trucks more efficient.  At the end of The Great War, the light duty truck chassis became introduced to civilian life as a cheaper and more reliable alternative to a horse drawn

If you were born after 1946, there is a good chance you’ve had your hands on a Tonka Truck.  These steel toys with jumbo hard plastic tires, enrobed in their iconic yellow paint, have been banged around playgrounds and back yards across America for decades; used as hard as the actual heavy equipm

As a young boy the idea that a powerful device such as the crane I saw peaking over the skyline of Bath, could grow wheels and become mobile never entered my mind.   Vivid memories exist for me of traveling along Route 1 north and reaching the Sagadahoc Bridge.   In those days the great structure