Detachable Truck Beds

One Truck, Unlimited Possibilities

If you have a dedicated work truck sitting idle part of the year or take on projects that require a dump body, flatbed and other styles of truck, buying an interchangeable truck body system could be the best decision you ever make.

Dedicated trucks make sense for many businesses, as long as they are getting used enough to pay for themselves. But for many companies it’s hard to justify having any equipment sitting idle for long. That’s where interchangeable truck bodies come in.

The idea of changing truck body styles to fit the needs of specific jobs isn’t new. The ritual of installing a road sander in the late fall and taking it off in the spring is one most of us know well. But what has changed is the capability and simplicity of using these new systems. In fact, you can now switch over to a new body style in about three minutes!

Here are just a few options available as part of an interchangeable system, which is why they are so popular with landscapers, construction teams, tree care specialists, and municipalities:

  • Drop Box

  • Dump Body

  • Platform Body

  • Storage Body

  • Chipper Body

  • Service Body

Interchangeable truck body systems cost much less to operate than permanently mounted systems. Companies typically save a bundle on insurance, inspection and maintenance costs as well as the lower costs associated with operating the equipment with a non-CDL operator.


Why To Choose Messer

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We proudly sell

The Switch-N-Go® Interchangeable Truck Body System is one of four distinct, but interrelated, business units of Deist Industries, Inc. which is committed to providing quality American-made truck body equipment at reasonable pricing. Their unique, interchangeable truck body system was designed, developed and fabricated completely in-house and is manufactured in Hadley, Pennsylvania.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the Swaploader interchangeable truck body system uses a proprietary hook lift hoist to facilitate switchovers between truck body styles.


Detachable Truck Bed Buying Tips

  • Know the weight of your anticipate load

  • Know what tasks the truck will perform

  • Research the truck-mounted equipment prior to buying the truck (not all equipment fits on every truck)

  • Find a knowledgeable dealer/equipment upfitter


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