The New Generation Of Spreaders — Everything You Need For Anti-Icing And De-Icing

De-icing has come on strong in the past few years. One reason is that the latest de-icing technology offers more control while costing significantly less to operate. In fact, efficient snow and ice control in New England’s unpredictable weather often requires the effective use of both solid and liquid de-icers.

Solid De-icers — The Importance of Pre-Wetting

Pre-wetting systems work by wetting salt or sand just before it hits the spinner. There are two significant benefits to pre-wetting salt or sand:

  1. Pre-wetting salt starts a chemical reaction that accelerates melting when it hits the road.
  2. Pre-wetted salt or sand granules bounce less, so your material goes where it’s supposed to. Studies show that pre-wetting salt can cut salt application rates by 20-30%. That saves a ton of money over the course of a long winter. It also helps mitigate concrete scaling and landscape burn — the two most common problems associated with using too much salt or not effectively controlling overspray. (Some property management firms report they have reduced landscape damage by 75%.)

Messer Truck Equipment proudly carries pre-wetting systems from Fisher (designed for property owners, facility managers and property management companies) and Henderson (for municipal fleets).

Brining Systems are an Essential Tool for Municipalities

Anti-Icing is achieved through a Direct Liquid Application (DLA) of brine. DLA makes a preemptive strike against the ability of snow and ice to bond to pavement. Spraying a light  application of brine up to 48 hours before a storm is effective when surface temperatures are predicted to be between 15° and 32°F. (Under the right conditions, DLA can be applied after plowing operations where black ice or frost are present.)

De-Icing is achieved through applying salt, pre-wetted salt, salt brine or an enhanced brine blend (calcium chloride or mag chloride for optimal effectiveness at pavement temperatures below 15°F).

How Do Brining Systems Work?

This video by Henderson Products provides a great overview.

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