Crane Inspections Are Mandatory

Crane inspections are mandatory and Maine will soon be adding additional conditions. Are your equipment and operators ready?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2003 and 2006 (the most recent years covered) more than 70 fatalities per year occurred where the source of the injury was a crane, the secondary source of the injury was a crane or where the worker activity was operating a crane.

For the safety of both crane operators and the crews that work around them, crane inspections are already required by OSHA. Legislation scheduled to take effect in November of 2017 will require both equipment inspection and operator training.


What are the ramifications of the proposed law?

  1. Cranes over 2,000 lbs. will require yearly inspection from an independent, certified entity (such as Messer Truck Equipment).
  2. Crane operators will be required to pass a thorough operator’s safety course, which will include both a written test and an evaluation in the field. These tests are often conducted by crane manufacturers or their sales representatives (which may be employed by the manufacturer or may be independent).

As a result of the new legislation, required documentation will now include:

• Monthly and annual inspection reports for the equipment and wire rope

• Modifications that affect the safe use of equipment

• Operator and signal person qualifications

• Tower crane foundation/support design

• When repairs or adjustments of the equipment are needed

• Employer-developed procedures (i.e. assembly/disassembly, operational and other procedures related to the safe operation of the equipment)

• Power line encroachment procedures/plan

(Source: OSHA®)


Would your cranes pass safety inspection today?

Crane safety is critical to everyone on your work crew (and other people that may be on the job site). Messer Truck Equipment can conduct a thorough inspection of your cranes to help ensure they are always ready for work.

To schedule a crane inspection appointment or to inquire about operator training, call us at 207-854-9751 or send an email.