Commemorative Patriots Plow Finally Gets A Shot At Snow

Like father, like son. Jeff Messer has a lot in common with his dad, John, who passed away eight years ago. For starters, there’s running Messer Truck Equipment, the family business that Jeff now leads. More personally, just like his dad, Jeff tends to be a sentimental guy – so letting go of certain things can be more than a little challenging.

An almost-15-year-old Fisher snow plow is a perfect example.

To be fair, this isn’t just any old signature yellow Fisher plow. This particular one is, in fact, gray – and it bears a big Patriots World Champion sticker, as well as the traditional Fisher splat logo.

The Limited Edition Patriots plows so loved by Jeff Messer and his dad weren’t as popular as hoped. Jeff thinks that’s maybe because the gray plows were such a departure from the expected yellow of the Fisher brand. He says he’ll very occasionally see one of the commemorative plows, including one serviced earlier this month at Messer’s annual plow clinic.

The 2002 plow celebrated the first Pats championship

In 2002, when New England won its first championship – Super Bowl XXXVI – (beating heavily favored St. Louis on kicker Adam Vinatieri’s last-second, 48-yard field goal), Fisher put out 500 Limited Edition Patriots snow plows to commemorate the historic win.

John Messer, a longtime Pats fan who watched every game, ordered a few of the plows to resell to customers. When they arrived, he was thrilled to discover that his order included one with the serial number 001.

“My father was enamored of that plow,” Jeff recalls, with a laugh. “So he held onto it – forever.”

There it sat in Messer’s warehouse when Jeff started with the company a year later. And the plow was still there 14 more years later. Over time, it has developed some surface rust because of moisture seeping in through its cover, and it’s a little nicked and scratched from occasionally being moved.

Putting the plow into service

This year, realizing “it’s not getting any newer,” Jeff decided it was finally time to honor his Dad and put Plow 001 into service. He hooked it up to his own Ford 150 and will start using it this fall to plow his own driveway in Raymond. It’s a major improvement for Jeff, replacing an old Western plow used on another piece of equipment he’s had a hard time parting with – his 1989 Jeep Wrangler.

“It’s sort of our whole company’s mentality to collect things, for better or worse,” Jeff says. “If it’s sentimental, it’s emotional to get rid of.  There’s a really old dump trailer in Messer’s yard that my father used to haul stuff to the dump with when he was a kid, and he didn’t want to sell it either. It seems I suffer from the same affliction, but we’re starting to go through and try to get rid of things we’re not actively using.”

Jeff hopes to get many years of service out of the Pats plow, “and I’ll be able to have those memories of my Dad every time I use it.”

Jeff tells the story of this beloved plow in the short video below.