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EBY Aluminum Bodies

Turn Your Hard Work Into Profit

Messer has partnered with EBY to become a stocking distributor. As one family-owned business to another, we know what it means to work hard. EBY Bodies are manufactured in the US with quality and craftsmanship in every weld.

Choose from Big Country Flatbeds or Flex Landscaper Bodies. Or get a quote any of the other offerings from EBY including trailers.

Expect Only The Best with EBY from Messer:

  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Light Weight But Rugged - Improve Your Fuel Efficiency
  • Family-Owned

Big Country Gooseneck
Big Country Flatbed w/ Optional Sides
Flex Landscape
Flex Landscaper: Tarp is Standard
Flex Landscape: Removeable Sides
Renegade Aluminum Service Body
Renegade Service Body For Fleets