Fisher Snowplows

No job requires you and your equipment to be on task like snowplowing. When the white stuff falls, it’s “game on”. You and your plow need to work hard for hours, even days, on end. That’s why more New Englanders rely on Fisher plows than any other brand.

For more than 70 years, our friends at Fisher have designed and manufactured the most durable, dependable plows in the world right up the coast from us in Rockland, Maine. And Messer Truck Equipment has sold and serviced Fisher plows practically from the beginning. 

Why do we like Fisher Plows so much? 

  1. Quality. Fisher has always made quality their highest priority. Their reputation and thousands of customer’s paychecks depend on it.  
  2. Selection. Fisher manufactures seven different series of plows. From classic straight blade to V-plows to Winged blades, they have the right style to work with your equipment.
  3. Innovation. The folks at Fisher are hardly ones to rest on their success. They are constantly developing new products and new ways to make snow removal faster and easier.

Product Benefits: 

You stand behind the quality of your work. So does Fisher. Their plows are the best made, easiest to use plows in the business. Period.  

This season, Fisher introduces the HS Series compact snowplow, designed specifically for mid-size pickup trucks and SUVs. This full-featured snowplow is easy to attach and easy to operate, so you can clear your property how you want, and when you want, from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Why Messer: 

Messer Truck Equipment has been a Fisher plow dealer for decades and is the largest in New England. We install and service every model, whether our customer bought their plow here or not. We also provide plow inspections to help ensure our customer’s plows are ready for storm season and we stay open during storms to help keep you up and running.

Free Plow Inspection

Every October, Messer Truck Equipment helps plow owners prepare for the plowing season with our Free Plow Inspection Day. Come on in to have your plow inspected. We’ll check out the hydraulics, hoses, and other essentials to help make sure you’re ready to go. For date and times, check out our news/blog page

In the market for a new Fisher Plow?

Nobody knows Fisher plows like the team at Messer. We can help you choose the best model of plow for your vehicle and your workload. If you have any questions, please give us a call!