We do all standard tank inspections, including DEP, VKs and VKIPs

Our team of certified Petroleum techs will make sure your tank passes 1 year and 5 year inspections. If we find anything that needs repair, we can fix it on the spot. Drop it off needing repairs, pick it up road ready for your next delivery!

ME State Inspections
We can do any state inspection you need.

We can inspect tractors, trailers or any commercial vehicles. Call to get an appointment today.

Do you have a tanker in your fleet that has accident damage?

We can estimate repairs for anything!

We can repair or replace: axles, brakes, fenders, hosing, shocks, air bags, probes or lines.

Need Parts Fast?
Loading heads, signals, probes, gloves, one stop for everything you need!

With our fully stocked warehouse of OEM parts, we'll get your tank back in order faster:
We stock:

  • Civacon
  • PEI
  • Scully
  • Dixon
  • Heil/Polar
  • EBW
  • Betts
  • LP Gas